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ARTICLE 1.- CDE ECODEPORTE organizes the competition named as II ECOTRAIL MADRID covering the competitive distances of 80, 52, 37, 22 kmNordic Walk 22K and  Walk 22 km.

ECOTRAIL MADRID 52K will take place the 11th of November 2017 with a course running through the areas of Tres Cantos, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Alcobendas, El Pardo and Madrid.


ARTICLE 2.-  The trail will develop under a “semi self-sufficiency” regime and will be ruled by this regulation book.

Starting line:  

  • 52K: 10:15 hours,  starting from the inside of the castle of Manzanares el Real, conferring a maximum 8 hours and 15 min. to complete the course. 

Finish Line: 

  • 52K: Cuatro Torres (Madrid). Finish line will close at 18:30 hours.



ARTICLE 3.- Only athletes who are over 18 years old may participate.



ARTICLE 4.- There will be specially designed commemorative trophies to the top 5 classified men and women, regardless they category, or age. 

The runner absence in the trophies ceremony shall be considered as waiving the trophies or awards won. Delegations into other individuals must be acknowledged and authorized by the organization, prior to the ceremony.



ARTICLE 5.- For any other information, please address yourself to:


C/ Hermano Gárate, 5. 5ºD

28020 MADRID

Phone nr.: + 34 616 50 82 28

E-mail.: info@trail-madrid.com



ARTICLE 6.- Registration period: The registration period will open from the 15th of Mars until the end of the registration period on the 7th of November 2017 (or until registrations are over).

Maximum number of inscriptions: 

52K:    300 participants 


ARTICLE 7.- REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee includes: accident insurance with effect during the event duration, an special folding glass, Bag of waste, a commemorative t-shirt and an special medal (only to be received at the finish line) 



From the 15th of Mars to 31 of May 2017

From the 1st to 30th of June 2017

34 €

39 €

From the 1st of June to the 31st of August 2017

42 €

From the 1st to 30th of September 2017

47 €

From the 1st to 31st of October 2017

52 €

From the 1st to 7th of November 2017                      

62 €












The organization is not obliged to deliver any of the memories or gifts corresponding to the registration to any runner who, for any reason, does not take part into the event.

ARTICLE 8.- ON LINE registrations, via payment gateway, will be filled according to the instructions contained in the official web page: www.ecotrailmadrid.com




ARTICLE 9.- Each participant will be given a start-number with an already-integrated chip, which necessarily needs to be placed in the chest, being clearly visible at all times throughout the race journey, without bending or cutting.

The START NUMBER - CHIP, will be handed in the place, date and schedule designed by the organization, TO THE REGISTRATION HOLDER, WHO HAS TO BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED, by showing his/her ID, driving license, passport, or the voucher sent by the organization via email.

No changes are allowed in the dorsal – chip.



ARTICLE 10.- The course will be marked off by the organization, by sections, with brightly colored plastic tape, flags, poster signs or any other signaling elements, and will be located in regular intervals, depending on the path typology. It is each participant responsibility to locate and follow this signs.

ARTICLE 11.- It is mandatory to follow the marked itinerary, besides going through all the check-points. The participants who shorten the signed itinerary will be penalized according to the characteristics of the race track they skipped (altitude, distance, difficulty, etc). Runners who do not go through all the designed check-points or use any mechanical way of transportation will be disqualified.

ARTICLE 12.- MANDATORY CHECK-POINTS AND NON SCHEDULED CHECK POINTS: The organization will set some unscheduled check points which will not be announced or published in this regulation book.

ARTICLE 13.- The organization could make unscheduled itinerary changes, and even suspend the event if the weather conditions advice to do so, or due to any other majeure forces. In this particular case, if the event has started, the registration fee will not be returned to the participants.                             

ARTICLE 14.- If it was necessary to interrupt and/or suspend the event in a particular point of the course, the classification will be determined according to the arrival time to this interruption point, or, to the last check-point.



ARTICLE 15.- The organization will count on the following refreshment points, with drinks and food in quantities, estimated as reasonable, which will have to be consumed in the same place:



  • · Glasses will not be provided in the refreshment points. Each runner is responsible for bringing and using its own glass to consume the drinks, although the organization will provide all the participants a portable glass, delivered to each runner together with the start number. 
  • · Water is the only liquid which can be used to fill the drums or hydration bags. The rest of the drinks will have to be consumed in the refreshment area  using the mandatory portable glass.
  • · It is each participant’s obligation to carry its own trash to the finish line or to the designated areas located inside the refreshment points.




ARTICLE 17.- Inside the race track could only circulate the vehicles authorized by the organization, carrying its official authorization at all points. For all the vehicles it is mandatory to respect the traffic laws at all points.


ARTICLE 18.- Runners will not be allowed to be accompanied by any individuals on foot or bicycle. It will be understood as accompaniment when this occurs at any point of the course for more than a 100 m. In the case of the bicycles, it will be punishable when they circulate continuously along the runner or in the immediate nearby (25 meters).





A.- Road circulation will not be restricted at any course segment (although this traffic will only be very sporadic and in very small track segments). The Organization, in coordination with the Traffic Civil Guard and the Municipal Police, will take all appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

B.- There will be organization staff in all the crossroads. However, CAUTION is recommended to all runners.  

C.- It will be absolutely mandatory to respect the volunteer’s indications, under disqualification penalties, especially for the areas located at important circulation points, such as traffic lights or crosswalks, including any indication to stop at a red light.



ARTICLE 20.- Any participant who wants to retire from the race, they will let the organization know by handing its start number in the closest check point or to any qualified organization member. From that moment, he/she will be out of the competition, assuming any liability from his/her retirement. The runner retiring outside the designated evacuation areas will have to get on his own to the closest evacuation point.

ARTICLE 21.- Medical- sanitary organization members and the judges will be entitled to retire from the race, in their sole discretion, participants who present obvious physical problems that could endanger their health, or those who have depleted their physical conditions to stay in the race.

ARTICLE 22.- Participants are required to deliver healthcare to injured runners or those requiring it.

ARTICLE 23.- In the event of an accident, sickness or wound that requires assistance, organization shall be notified.



ARTICLE 24.- The organization will count on, as it is perceptive from this kind of events, with the appropriate medical assistance in both personal and vehicles.



ARTICLE 25.- Mandatory material:

  • 33 cl glass (The organization will provide all the runners a portable glass when they collect their dorsal).
  • Thermal blanket.
  • “Camel back” style backpack or 1 liter water container.
  • Food

ARTICLE 26.- Recommended material:

  • Lantern
  • GPS.
  • Sunglasses.
  • High protection sunscreen.
  • Electrolytes and / minerals salts.
  • Elastic bandage.
  • Emergency kit.
  • Batons: Runners who choose to use them must carry them from the beginning to the end of the event, and it will not be permitted to abandon or to hand them at any point of the course.  
  • Pirate or mesh nets / long pants that cover and protect the whole leg.
  • Hooded Raincoat (no windbreaks).
  • Gloves.
  • Thermal long sleeve shirts or short sleeves plus covers to protect the whole arm.
  • Cap or neck scarf to do their duties to protect the head from the cold.

In case of bad weather expected (high or very low temperature, rain, blizzard, etc. ...) the organization may force the runners to carry any of these already mentioned items. In the case this became necessary; it will be communicated in advance during the technical talk.

ARTICLE 27.- All the mandatory material could be subject to control at the start line, finish line or any at other checkpoint. Runners who are not bringing the mandatory material with them will be penalized.


ARTICLE 29.- Any organization member will write down the offenders dorsal, not being necessary previous notification.



Cutting across or shorten the race course


Accompaniment by others


Receive supplies off points


Carry the dorsal trimmed or folded

1 hour

Receive or return material


Do not mark the dorsal number in the envelops


Throw away any trash


Miss mandatory equipment

1 hour each

Not going through the mandatory material check


Skip any checkpoint


Use any mechanical way of transportation


Dorsal-chip changes


Dorsal-chip loss


Not provide assistance to other runners


Who show any unsportsmanlike behavior


Who does not address the indications of judges




ARTICLE 30.- Claims, except those related to the event classification, must be submitted orally to the judge – referee up to 30 minutes after the event finish.

Classification claims shall be submitted in writing, using the official form published in the official web page: www.ecotrailmadrid.com

ARTICLE 31.- Classification claims could be submitted up to three days after the event completion.



ARTICLE 32.- Participants take part into this event voluntarily, being fully aware the race length, its inclination and physical demand. They are also aware this race could develop under possible adverse weather conditions such as heat, cold, rain or wind and it discourses under mountain terrain through roads, tracks, paths or cross country.

ARTICLE 33.- The organization declines all responsibility in case of accident due to the runner’s negligence, as well as the loss or damage of personal belongings. Each individual will be responsible for the damage or injure caused to himself or to any third parties, exonerating the organization from any liability in case of accident or injury.

ARTICLE 34.- Each participant, by registering, accepts the conditions laid down in this Regulation book. Any circumstances not covered by this regulation shall be resolved by the Jugde- Referee, based on the regulations for mountain events from Spanish Athletics Federation.

ARTICLE 35.- All the participants, by formalizing the registration, consent Ecodeporte and the EcoTrail organization, through themselves or any third party, to computationally process the information and use this personal data exclusively for sports related, promotional or commercial purposes, as well as their images during the event such as photographs, videos, etc. according to the provisions of the Spanish Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data. Participants may exercise their right of access to these files in order to rectify or cancel part or all of their content. To exercise this right, you must apply in writing to the registered office of Ecodeporte: C/ Hermano Gárate, 5 - 5ºD. 28020 MADRID.