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Our Commitment


EcoTrail Madrid is a footrace, characterized by its special commitment to the environment.

Ecodeporte Sports Club promotes environmental awareness through major events, while calling for respect for the urban and natural environment of Madrid.

Ecodeporte Sports Club implements a strict environmental policy and encourages participants to adopt a “Zero Pollution " behavior, paying special attention to reduce the ecological footprint, protect the biodiversity and the preserve the historical and cultural heritage.

One of the organization priorities is to preserve the environment besides all the areas where the competition will take place, leaving them even cleaner than before the event started.

The organization promotes social awareness and care for the natural wealth that offers such magnificent setting in this competition.

With this premises, the organization, in order to avoid and prevent any kind of alteration or dirtiness, will take the following actions:

  • Special areas with containers located every 100 m from the refreshment areas, where the participants can recycle all the waste.
  • Designation of environmental judges (besides the judges provided by the federation) whose function will be to disqualify any participant who throws any object outside the containers enabled in the refreshment areas.
  • Dirt pick up and cleanliness of the areas before, during and after last participant in the race.
  • Cleanliness review the day after the event, covering the entire race track for removal of any type of waste not seen the previous day. During this action all kind of waste will be collected, even if it is not there because of the organization.

Awareness program: The organization will force participants bring their own water containers, which will be filled by bottles or other large containers at the refreshment areas.